Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) Cleaning

Wentzville, O’Fallon, Lake St. Louis, St. Peters, St. Charles County, St. Louis County MO

We are one of a select few companies in the area that can dry strip vinyl composition tile (VCT). This is the type of vinyl tile that is found in large commercial buildings including popular discount stores, home centers and other high-traffic locations. Until now, the only way to strip the wax buildup from these floors involved harsh, messy chemical cleaners. By dry stripping the VCT, we avoid the mess! Our system pulverizes the old wax buildup into a dry powder that is simply removed with a vacuum. Our system for cleaning vinyl composition tile is not only less messy, but is also much more earth friendly.

This “green” method of vinyl tile cleaning is very effective, as you can see from the following before and after photo sequences.

This automotive shop in O’Fallon, MO has a vinyl composition tile floor with wax buildup, tire marks and dirt.

VCT black and white floor in O'Fallon MO - really black and brownish with all the greasy dirt

VCT Cleaning without the mess - dry process. This is an automotive shop floor with lots of tire marks and greasy dirt.

You can see that we have stripped off the wax buildup and dirt, leaving a dry residue that we vacuum off the floor.

Notice that even most of the tire marks disappear after we dry strip to clean the vinyl composition tile (VCT) floor. Note: The yellowish hue on the “after” photo is due to the camera picking up the color of the sunlight filtered through the fiberglass shop door.

Automotive shop in O'Fallon, MO after cleaning. Black and white tiles now.


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